The DataGames Kepler Solution in your Contact Centre, promotes workplace engagement mechanics that improve your performance through:

•Reductions in Average Handle Time (AHT)
•Reduced Absentees
•Improved Net Promoter Score
•Improved Customer Satisfaction

The DataGames Kepler solution when used in corporate training, promotes workplace engagement mechanics that:

•Increase training completion rates
•Improve training compliance
•On-board new employees faster
•Improve adoption of HR & learning applications and investment

DataGames Kepler Solutions gamification supporting Knowledge Management promotes workplace engagement mechanics that:

•Measure social activities against business goals
•Boost social software adaptation
•Improve cross-team collaboration

Posting, Liking, Sharing, Trading, Achievement Levels, Rankings, Avatars – this is the language of the Digital Native.


We combine the dynamics that motivate and engage - driving achievement; with non invasive data monitoring techniques to create a completely new way of inspiring performance.


It’s all about enabling your business goals and objectives through the gamification of staff behaviours, aligned and focused on the delivery of operational excellence.


The DataGames Kepler Solution readily connects with over 1oo different key data sources including CRM and Social collaboration tools including SalesForce, Oracle, SAP, Yammer, Jive. Our solution helps organizations start achieving their goals in real time.